• Cinnamon Honey Cold Brew Latte

    Cinnamon Honey Cold Brew Latte
    Who doesn’t like cinnamon? It’s health benefits are aplenty, even including reducing blood sugar levels. To keep the drink as natural as possible, we even added honey to sweeten up the drink naturally. Surprisingly, the honey and cinnamon blended well together, and with the coffee, it’s a healthy improvement to your daily coffee!
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  • Cold Brew Kopi Recipe

    Cold Brew Kopi Recipe
    What makes us uniquely Singaporean? We think that it's kopi! We put a spin on our traditional Nanyang Kopi to bring you the best cold brew version. Super easy to make with our coffee concentrates, now you can make cold brew kopi in the comfort of your own home!
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  • Crew’s Biscoff Latte

    Crew’s Biscoff Latte
    Biscoff’s the rage nowadays, so we took the all famous Lotus biscoff and put a spin of it into our coffee! Introducing Crew’s Biscoff Latte, the most decadent, flavourful and delicious biscoff latte any biscoff lover can ever have. Did we also mention, it’s perfect for the hot sunny weather we have here in Singapore?
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