What are coffee concentrates?

Coffee concentrates — black coffee, extra concentrated, espresso strength, so that you can customise the strength of your cuppa coffee to suit your needs. (Drink it neat for an espresso-like shot.)


How are your coffee concentrates made?

Our coffee concentrates are made by cold brewing the coffee beans to ensure the coffee stays fresh for up to 2-4 weeks.


How long can your coffee concentrates last?

Our coffee concentrates is best drank within 2-4 weeks from date of delivery for maximum freshness as we only brew to order.


How many servings can a bottle of coffee concentrate make?

1 Bottle of concentrate (16 fl oz/473ml) can make 6-8 servings of coffee.

1 Bottle of mini concentrate (8 fl oz/236ml) can make 3-4 servings of coffee.

What is the perfect ratio for coffee concentrate to milk/water?

We recommend you guys to start out with 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water/milk, and adjust accordingly to your preference. Some customers even drink it straight!

How do I store my concentrates?

Keep them refrigerated. Our leak proof bottles also allow you to store them horizontally for more space saving.


Do we have ready stock?

Currently we don’t hold stock and only brew to order to ensure that no liquid goodness goes to waste.


How do I place my order?

You can place your order by shopping here .


Do I have to place my order in advance?

We now offer next day delivery, with free delivery for orders above $60! Orders have to be made before 7pm for next day delivery.


Do you have any special rates for bulk purchases?

Yes we do! For special deals for bulk purchases be it for your party or even gifting for your friends, drop us an enquiry here or email us at chat@wakethecrewcoffee.com to chat with us.


Do you have any corporate rates available?

We have corporate rates available specially for companies who want to pamper their staff and customers! Just drop us an enquiry here or email us at chat@wakethecrewcoffee.com to find out more.


How do I make payment?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Apple Pay! 


Do you issue invoices?

We do! Just let us know and we will issue one for you.


Do you do delivery?

Yup! We charge $10 for islandwide delivery per location on mainland Singapore (excludes Sentosa & Jurong Island). Free delivery available for orders above $60. The delivery fees are co-shared by us and is given to our delivery drivers and logistics partners. 

When are your delivery days?

We currently do deliveries everyday. We usually let our courier decide the best route for delivery on that day for route optimisation. Remember to order your coffee concentrates before 7pm for next day delivery!


Can I deliver to multiple locations?

Sure, no problem! Let us know when submitting your order. We charge an additional $10 per delivery location.


For more questions not listed here, do drop us an email at chat@wakethecrewcoffee.com ! :)