Brand Story

Wake The Crew was founded to bring the best coffee to consumers through both quality and convenience.

For years, there were only a few ways to make a great cup of coffee at home, mainly through coffee machines or hand brewing your own. As ex-working professionals, our founders struggled to find time to brew a good cup of coffee at home and always ended up buying from cafes near the office. During the lockdown while working from home, hand brewing our own coffee multiple (6 to be exact) times a day proved inconvenient and time intensive. Eventually we could not keep up with the hand brewing and our daily coffee came from instant capsule machines. We were horrified to find ourselves dumping so much used capsules and extra packaging material just for coffee when there were freshly roasted beans sitting in the pantry that produced almost no waste. The breaking point for us came when the coffee machine literally broke and discarding it was another source of wastage that frustrated us.


We decided to create an eco-friendly alternative --

a type of coffee that not only produces almost zero waste, but is also convenient, versatile, and tastes as good as a cup of coffee from your local cafe. Wake The Crew's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates were created with the busy consumer in mind, the hustlers, the caffeine addicts and the ones who loves to start their day right and treat our Eath right.


We believe that coffee is for everyone at any time, a comfort in your toughest moments and a buddy in your best moments. For the days you might be feeling like a long black or the days you might be feeling like a sweet cup of toffee nut latte, you can always count on Wake The Crew to deliver the best coffee.


We believe that coffee should be simple and sustainable --

good for you and good for the environment. Our spent coffee grounds are donated to community gardens and used as organic fertilisers. To date, our coffee grounds has grown several edibles including eggplant, long beans and tomatoes. By adopting the sustainability through circularity model, each coffee bean goes back to Mother Earth to help support the growth of other ecosystems. So each cup of coffee you drink today, might be growing a long bean somewhere.


Good coffee shouldn't be complicated. Just pour, mix, and drink.