• What is cold brew coffee? How is it different from iced coffee?

    What is cold brew coffee? How is it different from iced coffee?

    Ever wondered about the differences between cold brewed coffee vs iced coffee? It’s the brewing technique!


    Cold Brew Coffee

    Cold brew coffee is a type of coffee brewed by steeping grounded coffee in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. This method of brewing uses no heat or pressure during the brewing process which may compromise the flavours of the coffee. This method of brewing results in lower acidity and bitterness in the coffee while bringing out the natural flavours associated with the type of coffee bean. Also, the absence of heat used in the brewing process reduces the rate of oxidation and enables the brewed coffee to stay fresh for 2-4 weeks. This smooth and sweet brew may be more expensive as more coffee beans are needed to bring out the same level of strength and intensity as coffee extracted using other conventional methods. 


    Iced Coffee

    On the other hand, iced coffee is coffee brewed or extracted using hot water and/or pressure and poured over ice to cool. This type of coffee can be brewed or extracted in mere minutes and is best consumed within the same day. Less coffee beans may be needed in the brewing process to bring out the intensity and strength of the brew and may result in a cheaper option. This method of brewing results in more balanced flavours and a stronger aroma but at the same time it is also more prone to bitterness and acidity while the natural flavours of the coffee may also be lost.


    It’s a matter of preference whether one prefers cold brew coffee or iced coffee more. However, there are more benefits to cold brew coffee as opposed to iced coffee, especially for people with a sensitive stomach. Read more here!

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  • What are single origin coffee beans? What makes different single origin beans taste different?

    What are single origin coffee beans? What makes different single origin beans taste different?

    70% of the world’s coffee beans are Arabica beans from the Coffea Arabica plant and although it may be the same kind of beans, environmental factors like the quality/type of soil, climate, humidity and temperature will affect the tasting notes of the coffee produced.

    Single Origin Beans

    Single origin coffee beans are coffee beans derived from a single geographical region. It is generally a broad term and may mean a single country, single region, single farm, single producer or even single lot. What this really means is that as a consumer of the end product, what you are tasting is a solid cup of coffee that is unique because every bean used is from the same area derived from being cultivated under the same environmental conditions.


    Single Origin Brazil Santos

    For example, for our Brazil Santos brew, we use Arabica beans from Brazil, and more specifically the Santos region. This means all our beans are derived from the same region but may be from different farms or producers.

    Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo

    Similarly, our Ethiopian Sidamo beans are also Arabica beans but are cultivated in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This means that these coffee beans are all derived from the Sidamo region but could be from different parts of Sidamo and different farms. A good example would be the popular Ethiopian Yirgachaffe beans that is a sub-part of the Sidamo region.


    Because of the varying climate/environmental factors, these two types of beans will have different tasting notes with the Brazil one having a more nutty and chocolatey flavour while the Ethiopian more fruity and floral. The main draw to single origin beans is an opportunity to savour and appreciate the different tasting notes unique to each origin as a result of the environment it is cultivated in.


    At Wake The Crew, we only use high quality single origin beans to produce our concentrates. Explore your favourite single origin cold brew coffee with us now!

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  • 5 Ways to get through Singapore Phase 2 (Heightened)

    5 Ways to get through Singapore Phase 2 (Heightened)

    As of 14 May 2021, the Singapore government has yet again announced that Singapore will revert back to Phase 2 and implemented stricter social distancing measures to curb the rising infections from COVID-19. It may seem like another blow to many to have to go back to the old days (similar to last year) and stay home more often.

    However, we will now be much more equipped to get through Singapore’s phase 2 part 2 together. Here are 5 ways to get through this period:

    1. Continue your daily routines, but just at home.

    If you’re working from home, try to stick to the same routine as you would if you had to travel to work, but minus the travelling of course! Wash up, change out of your pyjamas and get yourself ready for the day — this not only helps to make you feel more refreshed, but also keeps you mentally and physically ready to take on any challenge.

    2. Drink some good coffee to start your day right

    For those coffee addicts out there, we all know how important it is to have a good cuppa to start your day right. Since WFH would mean you can’t head to your nearest cafe or coffee shop to buy your daily drink, it would be time to stock up on some coffee at home. Wake The Crew’s cold brew coffee concentrates are freshly brewed with 100% Arabica coffee beans with 0 sugar, which is a perfect replica of your favourite latte. Just add milk (for latte) or water (for long black) to the coffee concentrates and you’ll have your coffee ready.

    Best part is, you can adjust the strength of the coffee all to your own preference.

    3. Exercise at home

    If time permits, always try to exercise at home at least 2-3 times a week to ensure that your body stays active. Exercise is also proven to improve mood and increase motivation and energy, perfect for those days when you need a natural booster.

    4. Eat healthy

    During this time when everyone is advised to remain indoors, it is the best time to stay eating healthily. Choose foods with more vegetables, fruits, and less processed food and take this chance to cleanse your body.

    5. Video call your friends and family

    Social distancing does not necessarily mean social isolation. You don’t have to feel alone during this time. Take this time to video call your friends and family, or join in some online gaming together! The social interactions will help you tide through this period of social distancing. Who knows, you might even be able to reconnect with friends and relatives you might have lost!

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  • Why is my cold brew so sour?

    Why is my cold brew so sour?

    The short answer to this is that it is most likely under extracted. What leads to coffee being under extracted comprises many varying factors that can easily alter how your brew turns out.


    When brewing cold brew coffee, or any method of brewing in general, there are a few stages of the brewing process you need to take note of: 

    1. Under extraction (sour and oily) 

    2. ‘Sweet’ spot (sweet and syrupy) 

    3. Over extraction (bitter and flat). 


    Hitting the sweet spot

    The compounds in coffee are always extracted in this order with fats and acid being extracted first, sugars next and plant fibres last. The targeted sweet spot is to stop the brewing process once the sugars have been extracted to avoid going into the over extraction stage. In general, a sour cold brew would mean the coffee grounds in your brew is under extracted, whereas a bitter cold brew would mean it is over extracted. 


    Environmental factors affect the brewing process

    There are many factors that affect the speed and duration of reaching that ‘sweet’ spot. Some of these factors include:

    • Grind size

    • Temperature of water

    • Temperature of your surroundings

    For example, brewing your cold brew in the fridge will require a longer brewing time of approximately 16-24h. If you brew your cold brew on your countertop, it can range between 10 hours to 24 hours, depending on the weather.


    While there are general guidelines to producing a good brew, the best way to brew a perfect cuppa coffee is through trial and error to find what works for you.

    Try Wake The Crew’s cold brew concentrates for the ideal cold brew taste. Get your here.

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