About Us

We bring you high quality, fuss-free coffee.

Over at Wake The Crew, we believe in bringing to you only the purest and freshest cold brew concentrate to make a perfect cup of coffee that is truly your own.

We use filtered water in our cold brew, and our double filtration process ensures that none of the nitty gritty coffee grounds gets through.

We know that coffee is unique to everyone, but we also believe that everyone deserves a good cup of coffee to take on the day. Some of you may like your coffee black and bold, or creamy and milky, some of you may have it non-dairy or low calories — we are all unique individuals.

What we do at Wake The Crew is to empower you to create your very own coffee, your very own pick-me-up. No need for expensive coffee machines or complicated brewing set ups, let us do all that for you while you focus on creating a coffee specially for you.

Our mission is to bring you only the best single-origin Arabica cold brew concentrate to make your very own café style coffee with zero fuss while you concentrate on smashin’ your day.